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Rimage Digital Evidence Systems

2 recorder
100 discs cd/dvd
Rimage Everest 400
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Built on the Rimage disc publishing platform, Evidence Disc System® (EDS) is the industry’s highest-performing, most reliable solution for automatically processing digital evidence to optical media.

Combining optical disc technology with advanced software and integration, EDS is a multi-function device designed for law enforcement workflows. Automatically collect, copy, review and export digital evidence to standardized, portable, secure disc media—drastically reducing time spent on manual processes.

Select from two EDS systems based on your requirements: EDS 8200N for highest capacity and performance, or EDS 5410N for medium to lower volume demand.

1 Touch Panel interface ( optional)

2 Internal camera

3 Integrated Discwatch status light

4 LCD Display

5 Media reader (optional)

6 Lockable selfclosing door ( EDS 8200N only )