The government is digitizing: these are points of interest!

The government is digitizing and that in itself is a good development. Whereas previously correspondence was carefully preserved, the same is increasingly true of e-mail traffic. The content of emails may relate to a particular file or project, and there are different retention obligations. So far, nothing new under the sun: everything communicated within and with a government falls within certain rules.

This year in order!

What is often not (yet) considered is that mail traffic that falls under a particular case must also be archived. The National Program roughly states that all governments must have email archiving in order by 2021. A procedure and concept must be ready and furnished by the end of the year. That means quite a lot to many governments. How do you build a digital structure to handle email well? It takes good software to handle that traffic properly and not lump it all together. This should be integrated into the case-oriented process. You should have capabilities to classify mail, assigning emails different retention times because they have a certain content. And then it must also be kept in compliance with the AVG. This can all be arranged organizationally and software-wise.

Attention to hardware

Another point to note is that emails are stored in such a way that they will still be there five or even 30 years from now. And you have to be able to demonstrate that you did that well. You do need the right hardware for that, and Silent Bricks are the appropriate hardware for that. You can also use Silent Bricks to very easily and logically build a small partial archive, such as will arise in many communities. And with little effort. Mail of a certain date and older can be stored just fine this way and are then automatically archived. Hardware wise, the storage of the mail archive is then arranged to meet all legal requirements. In many mail programs you can specify where you want to store your mail archive, it can even be by folder or file. Easily and securely (because WORM) arranged.

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