Managed Storage

With Managed Storage, we name the three dominant challenge of secondary storage, within IT.

1. Complexity: The more different systems, the higher the complexity.
Especially for data security and archiving, high complexity due to heterogeneous systems means risk due to incorrect operation, high maintenance and different SLAs.

2. Longevity: Long-term – Storage systems have longer cycles as normal within IT.
Unlike within IT’s usual 3 years, our systems must provide at least 5 years and usually 10 years of trouble-free service.

3. Security: Protection against data loss while meeting legal requirements.
Ransomware today attacks targeted backups. Meeting legal conditions requires detailed knowledge and special systems.

Managed storage

High quality hardware

Secure software

Customer service

Data security revisited.

Long-lasting Hardware, Reliable Software and Long-term, Straightforward Service – Offerings provide a complete system, protecting your data from loss and helping you comply with legal requirements.

Optimal integration. Maximum control.

When it comes to data security, complete control of all parts and components is especially important. We bet on compatibility by default.

Maximum compatibility. Optimal safety.

Not every storage system fits every software solution. Especially in archiving, where once implemented solutions are often applied for decades, indvidual and certified modifications are inevitable. Safety holes must absolutely be avoided.

We secure Petabytes. Before and after purchase.

For us, the relationship with our customer does not end at the sale, but rather begins here. In development, service and sales within the Benelux, you benefit from short and direct communication.

Reduce complexity – Reduce effort

Modern backup concepts must secure a wide range of resources while meeting diverse performance, security, cost and functionality requirements. This often leads to heterogeneous storage environments and increased complexity.

To secure data from both virtual and physical servers, as well as online services (SaaS such as Office 365), modern and complete backup strategies are essential. These strategies must consider several factors, often resulting in complex and diverse storage IT environments. Because no single storage medium can cover all requirements in terms of performance, functionality, security and price, the use of different media is necessary for fast incremental backups and restores, secure repositories and growing backup archives such as the Air Gap.

When different storage systems are used for these purposes, the effort for administrators increases significantly. Different management concepts, various configuration options, maintenance contracts with variable durations and potential security breaches can increase the risk of misconfiguration, data loss and downtime.

FAST LTA’s Silent Brick System offers a solution to all these challenges due to its enormous flexibility. This system can realize all aspects of a modern and secure backup concept, reducing complexity and effort for administrators.

Securing lifespan – Protecting investment

Long-term planning, beyond the usual three-year IT cycles, is a challenge in many areas. Especially in data security and archiving, short product cycles are counterproductive. With constantly increasing amounts of data and reliance on long-proven software solutions, storage solutions are required that are both durable and flexible.

Our Silent Bricks and Silent Cubes meet these requirements. They are designed to last at least 10 years and can be easily adapted to new challenges and updates.

The components of our systems are carefully selected and continuously tested to ensure this long service life. Our maintenance contracts run for 10 years with constant terms and are often renewed. With our in-house migration assistants, customers can take advantage of the latest hardware generations without interruption to their operational processes, and renew their maintenance contracts. The software is constantly updated to meet the latest requirements and challenges.

That’s why our customers are among the most loyal in storage IT. An example is the Royal Library, which has been with us for more than 10 years and several petabytes of storage capacity.

Increase safety – Minimize risk

Data are the foundation of many modern businesses. Loss, misuse and errors can have major financial consequences. Our storage systems with integrated data security help minimize these risks, meet legal requirements and provide long-term protection.

Archiving and reuse of data
Data reuse is a crucial criterion for modern archiving. Archive data must not only be stored affordably and securely, but also be available at all times. By combining Erasure Coding with quadruple redundancy, a linear file system and detailed power management, our systems provide an energy-efficient and secure storage solution. Certified WORM sealing and the use of retention periods ensure that legal documents can be kept secure and GDPR compliant.

Backups and ransomware protection
The role of backups has changed. Today, targeted ransomware attacks attempt to infect backups to prevent recovery of encrypted data. Additional security measures are therefore necessary. With Continuous Snapshots, we achieve immutability at the volume level, independent of storage and access protocols (such as SMB, NFS or S3-compatible). Our mobile storage solutions, such as the Silent Bricks, enable an Air Gap without additional investment in a completely different infrastructure such as tapes. Built-in volume-level replication provides cost-effective protection against disaster data loss.

Unique safety and protection
Our storage systems protect your data from loss and manipulation. We use a combination of advanced technologies to create unique and secure systems that optimally protect your data.

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