Custom solutions

Silent Bricks and Silent Cubes offer organizations and businesses advanced storage solutions for their data. Whether you need backups of several Terabytes to several Petabytes, or archiving huge amounts of data, Silent Bricks and Silent Cubes offer customized solutions.

Silent Bricks

Silent Bricks are available in different types (flash or disk) for various applications. A big advantage? They can be used mixed in one system. This allows businesses and organizations to easily configure the system for their specific needs. Silent Bricks offer versatile solutions for both backup and archiving.

As a backup solution, Silent Bricks provide protection against cyber attacks through a physical airgap. The Bricks can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures for fast recovery times in the event of data loss. For archiving, Silent Bricks can be used as a Virtual Tape Library (VTL), storing and managing data securely and efficiently with easy access when needed. Silent Bricks offer scalability, flexibility and the ability to increase storage capacity as needed. This makes them ideal for both small and large organizations.

Silent Cube DS Pro

The Silent Cube DS Pro is ideal for companies that want to sustainably archive large amounts of data. The system was developed specifically for archiving permanent data. With revision-proof hardware WORM sealing, Silent Cube offers highly reliable and energy-efficient storage of documents, files and heritage. All of this is AVG/GDPR compliant.

Silent Cubes are durable thanks to their long life and energy-efficient nature. Moreover, data remains protected from mutation and deletion.

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