Let's talk about backup.

The importance of reliable backups for organizations cannot be overemphasized. Companies are constantly at risk of data loss due to hardware failures, human error and malicious attacks such as ransomware.

Silent Bricks help protect your data from loss and ransomware. Thanks to a unique Air Gap, Silent Bricks offer the perfect solution against hackers and ransomware.

1. Fast incrementals, reliable restore points, secure Air Gap:

With the Silent Brick system, you are equipped for all backup requirements. In one system, with one supplier and one maintenance contract.

Modern backup strategies demand a lot from the storage system. According to the 3-2-1-1-0 rule, you must have at least 3 backups on at least 2 different media, with at least 1 backup offsite and 1 backup suitable for offline storage. In addition, these backups may contain 0 errors so that recovery is possible.

1st backup: Incremental backup via SecureNAS to Silent Brick or Silent Brick Flash.

2nd backup: sustainable restore points and full backups
(grandfather/father/son – GFS) via SecureNAS or S3 to Silent Bricks or Silent Brick DS

3rd backup: Offline full backups (air-gap) via VTL, S3 or SecureNAS with media swap or replication to Silent Bricks

2. Maximum protection of your data thanks to unique technologies:

Continuous Snapshots

Air Gap

Erasure Coding

Geo Redundancy


The time machine against ransomware: continuous snapshots automatically track every change on the volume. Should an attacker succeed in hitting backups in the network or erasing data, you can always revert to the previous version.

Silent Bricks are suitable for offline backups. No matter what happens in your network – offline stored data is untouchable. Thus, even without traditional tapes, you are assured: your data are safe. Easily remove the Brick from the system and store it safely and offline.

Erasure Coding 12/8 offers twice the security of RAID-6, ideal for full backups and archives.

Replication of individual Silent Bricks to a second location secures your data against loss due to theft or calamity.

The systems were developed with an emphasis on securing your data. With high-quality parts and long-term maintenance contracts, we ensure reliable operation for at least 10 years.

Example of Snapshots with 4 days duration

  • A new snapshot is created every day, which stores the day’s changes as a kind of layer in its own, file system inaccessible range.
  • On the fifth day, the base snapshot and the first layer are merged so that the same number of snapshots are always available for recovery.
  • Now if data or a snapshot is broken, e.g., due to a ransomware attack, you can revert to a previous snapshot.

3. Air-gapped backup with Silent Bricks

Ransomware attacks are usually prepared by hackers who first disable backups.

As a result, the chances of paying a ransom are many times higher because there is no longer a way to restore unencrypted data from a backup. All notable ransomware attacks of late have followed this strategy. Therefore, the 3-2-1 rule for backups also says that at least one backup should be kept offline – or air-gapped.

If the backup cannot be accessed because the data carrier is not online, the backup data cannot be compromised either. Not by a hacker, not by a saboteur, nor by malicious software.

The traditional method of air-gapped backups are tape units, however, these are often too cumbersome, too unreliable and especially in the case of a needed restore, far too slow because they do not offer random access and therefore do not support the capabilities of modern backup software.

Silent Bricks combine the advantages of air-gapped backup with random access via various protocols such as VTL, CIFS, NFS and S3 Object Storage. Functionalities such as starting virtual servers directly from the backup medium (instant recovery) are therefore also possible with offline backups. And all this for less than 1,500 Euro per year.

Air Gap

Silent Bricks are suitable for offline. No matter what happens in your network – offline stored data is untouchable. Thus, even without traditional tapes, you are assured: your data are safe.

Silent Bricks: elastic storage for complete data protection

Silent Brick Drive

The Drive is the favorable entry into the Silent Brick system – or the ideal extension. One or two slots for Silent Bricks offer up to 48 TB of storage capacity on Silent Bricks with HDD and as much as 96 TB on Silent Bricks with SDD (gross).

Silent Bricks

Silent Bricks are available with fast SSDs or with cost-effective hard drives.

Controller & Shelf

With 5 slots, the Controller already offers up to 120 TB of capacity (gross) and is expandable with Extension Shelves with 14 slots each (up to 336 TB gross).


Think Big.

The Silent Brick Max expands the Silent Brick system by 48, 96 or 240 TB (gross) per height unit – ideal for demanding backups.

Service – more than just maintenance

We are here for you. And we are convinced of the quality of our products. Therefore, all components of the Silent Brick system are designed to last at least 10 years. Additionally, if required, we offer service level agreements (SLA) with a 10-year term.

Through the integrated monitoring, both the system administrator and also we, if desired, are always informed about the state of the system.

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