Storage space: the last big challenge...

With Silent Bricks, you can easily transport Terabytes of data securely between different locations without affecting local workflows. With a simple operation, the Silent Bricks can be removed from the system and possibly replaced with another Silent Brick, for example, if you back up on two different Silent Bricks based on even and odd weeks.

Safely and sustainably transporting large amounts of data from point A to point B is no simple task. Single disks are often too small and, in addition, unsafe. Sending a complete RAID is not exactly practical either. In addition, this then lacks the storage option at location A. Fortunately, Silent Bricks make this challenge much easier.

Safe transportation

Be it video productions, where daily recordings need to be moved from set to studio or from archive to satellite truck. Or it’s corporate data, which must be moved to or from the data center. Regardless, the collection of large amounts of data in a central repository presents significant challenges.

With the Silent Bricks move your Terabytes. And only those. The Storage system itself remains where it is needed. Workflows are not interrupted – simply insert a new Silent Brick, that’s it. And on location, it is exactly as simple. In the Drive or in the in the complete system, after inserting the Brick, all data are immediately available.

  • Quadruple redundancy protects your data in transit: 4 of the 12 disks per Silent Bricks may fail without losing data.
  • Encryption additionally protects against unauthorized access.
  • The stable aluminum housing prevents physical damage.

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