With the FAST FORWARD Performance Offensive 2024, we significantly speed up your backup & recovery in the Silent Brick System. Hardware and software upgrades greatly increase backup and restore speeds.

Rejoice in the new standard for backup & recovery.


Silent Brick Plus.

Kicking things off with the brand new Silent Brick Plus. Inside, 12 SSDs ensure that backup data is transferred at speeds of up to 1 GB/s. This makes the Silent Brick Plus perfect for performance-intensive applications such as fast incremental backups on the primary backup target or to S3 shares.

Like all Silent Bricks, high redundancy, constant media monitoring and equipment with SSDs from different batches provides the highest protection against data loss due to hardware failures.

And with Continuous Snapshots, you also secure your backups against the consequences of a cyber attack. This immutability method creates regular and automatic snapshots independent of the backup software that are deleted only after a preset period of time. Thus, in case of an attack, you can easily “rewind” hours and days and restore the last intact state.

Now available in 12, 24 and 48 TB (gross).


FAST Clone Support. 

The software revolution for your Veeam backup: Fast Clone Support reduces backup time to a fraction of its previous duration while saving significantly on storage space.

Full backups cost a lot of storage space and take a lot of time to create? That is no longer the case. With Veeam V12.1 and Silent Bricks, you now have the panacea against massive backup storage and lengthy backup windows. Thanks to Fast Clone Support, the primary backup can be run in “Forever Incremental,” full backups on the second target can be used as “Synthetic Full,” and immutability via Continuous Snapshots can be achieved virtually without time and storage requirements.

  1. Fast Clone Support reduces the duration of backups by up to 80%.
  2. Fast Clone Support reduces storage requirements for backups by 30-50%.
  3. Fast Clone Support enables Immutability with Continuous Snapshots with almost no extra effort.

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