Secondary data storage: from municipalities to hospitals to historical centers

In various sectors, such as archives and heritage, healthcare, industry, and government and municipalities, we see unique challenges in data storage. Each industry has specific requirements for storing and managing data securely and efficiently. Here is an overview of some of these challenges and our matching solutions.

Archives and Heritage

It is crucial for archives and heritage institutions to preserve historical information and documents long term and securely. FAST LTA’s durable archiving solutions provide robust and reliable storage that meets the most stringent compliance requirements. Our Silent Cube systems are designed to keep data intact for years, without loss or degradation.


Healthcare is all about protecting sensitive medical information and efficiently archiving PACS data. Our solutions provide a high level of security against cyber attacks and ensure that medical data remains secure and accessible. Silent Cube systems are ideal for large PACS archives, thanks to their advanced technologies such as erasure coding and hardware WORM functionality, which protects medical data from loss and manipulation.


Industry companies must ensure efficient data migration and secure storage of large amounts of data. Our Silent Brick system provides a scalable and secure storage solution that easily integrates with existing IT infrastructures. This system minimizes downtime during data migrations and ensures data integrity, allowing companies to focus on their core business.

Government and municipalities

For government agencies and municipalities, the reliable and sustainable storage of confidential documents is very important. Our solutions comply with strict regulations and provide assurance that documents remain secure and unchanged. Silent Cube systems are ideal for archiving documents that require frequent consultation, such as legal and administrative documents.

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