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Welcome to our knowledge center! Here you will find a large collection of information ranging from case studies and white papers to brochures of our products. Discover how Silent Bricks and Silent Cubes are successfully applied in practice. Learn about the hidden costs of a ransomware attack or experience how to improve your backup strategy to reduce the risk of data loss. Click on the links to open or download the PDFs.

Case studies:

Here you will find the success stories of some satisfied customers in the Netherlands, Germany and beyond. Find out what challenges they faced and how Silent Bricks and Silent Cubes provided the perfect solution. 

Discover how Overijssel Collection is digitizing and sustainably preserving its heritage with FAST LTA’s Silent Brick System. This solution provides flexibility, security, and energy-efficient storage, essential for protecting against data loss and disaster. Through strategic placement across two locations, Collection Overijssel guarantees the accessibility of its archives, now and in the future, thus strengthening its role in the preservation of regional heritage.

Find out how the Municipality of Gennep, in response to increasing cyber threats, made its backup and data storage more secure by implementing the Silent Brick system with an air-gap feature. This case study highlights the challenges of protecting against ransomware and the solution of an air-gapped backup system, integrated with Veeam, to ensure the security and accessibility of critical municipal data, while remaining easy to use and scalable.

Find out how the Municipality of Leeuwarden chose a sustainable, energy-efficient storage solution with Silent Bricks for the Regionaal Archief to secure historical and semi-historical data. This case study illustrates the challenges of digitizing and long-term preservation of valuable archives, and how Silent Bricks meet the stringent requirements for durability, reliability, and scalability. Understand the critical role of hardware WORM functionality in ensuring the integrity of irreplaceable collections.

Find out how the German Center for Aerospace Research (DLR) optimized its satellite data archiving by switching to Silent Brick systems, resulting in faster data access and continuing their dual-vendor strategy. This case study highlights the move from traditional tape storage to a more flexible and efficient storage solution, allowing the DLR to better manage growing data volumes and prepare for future satellite missions with expected data growth of up to 10 petabytes per year.

Find out how the Kempten-Oberallgäu hospital association transformed its archiving and backup systems with the implementation of Silent Bricks to meet increasing demands for revision-proof storage and growing data volumes. This case study shows how, by moving from traditional tape storage to a flexible and scalable solution, they were able to manage their patient data securely and efficiently while meeting the challenges of digitization within the healthcare industry.

Find out how Scheugenpflug AG made the switch from LTO tape backups to the future-proof Silent Brick Library, enabling them to speed up their backup processes and manage their growing data volumes securely and efficiently. This case study illustrates the challenges of dealing with rapidly increasing data volumes and the solutions provided by the Silent Brick Library, such as scalability, reliability and the combination of tape and disk advantages in one system, resulting in a robust backup and archiving strategy.

Find out how Saarländischer Rundfunk overcame the challenges of managing growing data volumes when archiving international cycling events by switching to FAST LTA’s Silent Brick System. This case study illustrates the transition from XDCAM disks to a mobile and compact storage solution, significantly improving the efficiency of data archiving and increasing the accessibility of archival material for live broadcasts. Understand how implementing this system not only dramatically increased capacity but also proved to be cost-effective.

Discover how Cölner Hofbräu P. Josef Früh KG digitized their document management and data archiving system with FAST LTA’s Silent Brick System to meet AVG requirements and support future growth. This case study shows how the brewery achieved efficient, AVG-compliant archiving that is both flexible and scalable as they transitioned from tape-based solutions to a more modern, secure system.

Find out how GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH overcame the challenges of archiving nuclear waste management data by switching to Silent Brick Systems, leading to simplified, cost-saving and audit-resistant archiving processes. This case study illustrates the replacement of complex tape systems with a flexible, scalable solution that can handle growing data volumes and meet stringent security and retention requirements.

Discover how Clinique de La Source in Lausanne, Switzerland, restructured its data processing and backup strategy with Silent Brick Systems to ensure robust data protection and regulatory compliance. This case study highlights the move to the Silent Brick solution for both replication and WORM storage for archiving patient data, which led to improved flexibility, scalability and compliance in their IT infrastructure.

Discover how manroland Goss web systems GmbH reduced operational costs for their SAP archive by 90% by switching to FAST LTA’s Silent Brick System. This case study highlights the transition from an externally hosted to an internally managed filing system, which led to significant cost savings and improved flexibility in their filing processes. The implementation of the CLARC CONTENT SERVER FOR SAP, supported by Silent Brick’s hardware-based WORM security, significantly improved the efficiency and reliability of their document archiving.

Find out how the German Bundesarchiv accelerated the digitization of its extensive archives by implementing the Silent Brick System, which significantly improved transfer speeds and the security of transporting digitized data. This case study shows how switching from traditional storage media to SSD-based Silent Bricks enabled the Bundesarchiv to more efficiently process and store up to 10 petabytes of archival data annually, which is essential for preserving national heritage.


Below you will find interesting white papers on a variety of topics. From stories about the evolution of tape to information about the costs involved in a ransomware attack.

Find out how active WORM archives can help manage the complexity and cost of data backup while increasing security. With the growth of digital data and increase in cyberattacks, this white paper shows the importance of an active WORM archive for sustainable, secure storage. It illustrates how the move to hardware-based immutability and intelligent archive systems, such as Silent Cubes, strengthens data loss protection without sacrificing accessibility and efficiency.

Find out how to protect backups from ransomware attacks by implementing advanced strategies that include isolation and additional access rights security. Learn about the importance of separating backup management from general access rights and using technologies such as continuous snapshots and air gapping with the Silent Brick System to ensure reliable data recovery after an attack.

Find out how disk-based backups and features such as air gapping and immutability can protect companies from cyber threats, including ransomware. Learn about implementing zero trust and continuous snapshots to strengthen security while minimizing the impact on Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

Discover how sustainability within IT archives can be promoted through energy-efficient storage solutions and the implementation of sustainable hardware components. This white paper highlights the importance of reducing energy consumption and choosing modular systems that both have a low carbon footprint and contribute to long-term archive retention. Understand the benefits of systems such as Silent Cubes and Silent Bricks, which play a key role in achieving a greener, cost-effective data storage strategy.

Find out how immutable storage can protect companies from modern cyberattacks by making data permanently immutable. This white paper highlights the application of immutability to object stores and the integration of automatic snapshots, WORM security, and air gapping to secure data from unauthorized changes. Understand how these methods contribute to a robust data protection strategy, essential for preventing loss or tampering by cyber threats.

Discover the financial impact of ransomware attacks, including the hidden costs far beyond the ransom. This white paper highlights the five biggest financial risks for businesses, government organizations and healthcare institutions, with a focus on downtime, double extortion, recovery costs, loss of reputation, and the need for a robust backup strategy to avoid high recovery costs. Learn how a well-prepared organization is essential to minimize the financial and operational impact of ransomware.

Discover how the complexity of backup environments is increasing due to the threat of ransomware and the need for advanced backup strategies that take into account rapid recovery, scalability, security, and offline storage media. This white paper discusses the challenges of protecting backups in today’s cyber landscape, with a focus on minimizing the Recovery Time Objective (RTO), ensuring the scalability and security of disk-based systems, and the importance of air gapping with offline backup media.

Find out how the transition from tape-based backups to modern Silent Brick systems enables a resilient backup and disaster recovery strategy without the limitations of tape. This white paper explores the benefits of Silent Bricks, including enhanced protection against ransomware, higher storage capacity, and the ability for air gapping, while lowering the total cost of ownership and increasing flexibility within IT infrastructures.


Below you will find all other resources, such as the brochures of our Silent Bricks and Silent Cubes.

Looking for a storage system for complete data backup and data assurance? Then you are at the Silent Brick system. In addition, this system can also be set up to support legal filing and can be used as a VTL library. All within one system.

Looking for a system that supports long-term, compliant archiving? Then you are at the Silent Cube system! AVG-compliant archiving without any chance of data loss has never been easier.

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