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As secondary storage specialists, we currently offer two innovative systems ideal for backup and archiving. The
Silent Brick
system is the flexible storage solution for full data protection (backup & recovery) and cold storage (large VTL archives). The
Silent Cube
system is our highly specialized storage system for certified and GDPR-compliant archiving. With these systems, your organization guarantees data assurance and compliance.

The Silent Brick system covers all aspects of modern data protection, no matter which backup software you choose. Backup to flash for highest performance, backup to disk for high, scalable capacity with highest security and backup to (virtual) tape – including true Air Gap.

Thanks to this Air Gap, an offline backup is kept at all times. This backup is in no way accessible to hackers and can be cleaned up and activated in no time during a ransomware attack. This ensures that no data is lost. The unique Disk mix combined with 4-fold redundancy provide an additional layer of security that offers enhanced data assurance.

Our hardware WORM sealing protects against intentional and unintentional modification and deletion of data. This is essential for archiving data for compliance reasons, but also when it comes to valuable data that should not be lost. The Silent Brick WORM allows for archiving within the Silent Brick system. With its hardware WORM sealing, the Silent Cubes are ideal for long-term archives of large size, all that GDPR compliant.

Whereas the lifespan of storage solutions and IT hardware normally averages about 5 years, FAST LTA’s systems last a minimum of 10 years. This means you can save one complete investment over 10 years. This makes the investment in a Silent Brick or Silent Cube system hugely beneficial in the long run.

In addition, the scalability of the Bricks and Cubes allows for incremental expansions, making the purchase of separate storage systems unnecessary, thus saving costs.

Our Silent Brick system offers exceptional scalability capabilities to meet your organization’s changing storage needs. One of the core aspects of this system is the flexibility to scale simply by adding more Bricks. This enables incremental expansions, which is more cost-effective than purchasing separate storage systems for different needs.

In addition, the Silent Brick system offers the ability to scale with different types of Bricks. This means you can customize and expand your storage system with specific Bricks tailored to unique needs, such as backup or archiving.

In addition, the Silent Cube system is also enormously scalable. Up to 20 cubes can be added per single Head Unit. Thus, the system easily scales with you as the size of your archive expands.

With both Silent Bricks and Silent Cubes, adding additional storage capacity is extremely easy: just place the new Brick or Cube in the rack, connect cables and you’re done. A new Brick still has to be assigned to the desired volume in the web interface of the storage system but that is all.

In data migration to Silent Bricks or Silent Cubes, the process lies with the existing storage infrastructure. Data migration from old to new Silent Bricks or Silent Cubes is very easy. With the so-called Silent Transfer, this process takes place in the background and you won’t notice anything.

Data migration to or from a storage system other than Silent Bricks or Silent Cubes goes like any other standard copy process. In this we can offer guidance if necessary.

Silent Bricks and Silent Cubes significantly improve business operational efficiency by improving data accessibility, availability, and security. These systems provide fast and immediate access to stored data, which is essential for daily business operations. Flexible integration with existing IT infrastructures enables employees to easily and efficiently access important information from different departments and locations. In addition, their robust design and built-in redundancy ensure high reliability, which is critical for mission-critical applications.

In terms of data security, Silent Bricks and Cubes offer advanced technologies to protect against unauthorized access and cyber threats, as well as physical security measures for sensitive or regulated data. These aspects are essential to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of corporate data. Furthermore, these storage systems contribute to business continuity by being part of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. They provide fast and reliable recovery capabilities after an incident.

Scalability means businesses can adjust their storage capacity to accommodate growing data volumes without operational disruptions. All this makes Silent Bricks and Silent Cubes a reliable, secure and scalable storage solution indispensable for business continuity in an era where data is the backbone of many organizations.

Silent Cubes offer several advantages over tapes for data storage, particularly in terms of speed, reliability, accessibility and ease of use. One of the most notable benefits is the faster access to data that Silent Cubes provide. Unlike tapes, where data must first be loaded and flushed, data on a Silent Cube can be retrieved almost instantly. This is especially advantageous for applications that require fast data retries. In addition, Silent Cubes are more reliable than tapes; they are not susceptible to physical damage and degradation over time thanks to digital auditing, preventing data corruption or even data loss.

Managing data on Silent Cubes is easier than managing tape libraries. Users can more easily organize, search and manage data, and the system provides a user-friendly interface for day-to-day operations. Silent Cubes are also remarkably scalable, making adding additional storage capacity much easier than tape solutions. This scalability is especially important when the amount of data increases rapidly.

Although the initial investment for Silent Cubes may be higher than for tapes, the long-term cost can be lower due to lower maintenance costs, less need for physical replacements and more efficient energy consumption. Silent Cubes are also less dependent on environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. All this makes Silent Cubes a modern, efficient and reliable data storage solution that fits well with today’s business needs, where speed, accessibility and reliability of data are critical.

Installation of Silent Bricks or Silent Cubes can be done by your IT partner, our reseller, or by us. This choice lies with you and your IT partner. We train our resellers so that they are able to complete the installation of our products. Is your IT partner not yet a reseller of our products? No problem. Then we do the installation together and the reseller is trained.

All of our technical support is included in our service contract. This support includes accessible services such as email, phone and remote support, giving our customers easy access to professional help with technical questions or problems. We also provide proactive monitoring by COMEX and FAST LTA, allowing us to identify and address potential problems before they inconvenience our customers.

We also provide on-site service, where our technical specialists go to the customer’s location for direct support. This is crucial for solving complex problems or in situations where remote support is not sufficient. Our service contract also guarantees a next business day response, so our customers can count on a fast and effective response to their support requests. For customers who need an even faster response, we offer as an option a 24/7 service with a response time of just four hours.

The training we offer is technical training for resellers. These trainings are not intended for end users. End users will receive brief user training during installation of the systems. Given the user-friendliness of our systems, intensive training is not a necessity.

The hardware WORM-sealed Cubes and WORM Bricks guarantee 0 bit data loss, a promise that has proven itself for more than 15 years. This guarantee highlights our commitment to providing storage solutions of the highest quality, putting the security and integrity of our customers’ data first.

In addition, we guarantee the reliability of our systems. We understand the importance of consistent and reliable performance for mission-critical applications and are committed to ensuring that our systems meet the highest standards of durability and reliable operation.

Moreover, we guarantee fast and good service and support, as stipulated in our service contract. This includes comprehensive technical support and customer service ranging from email, phone and remote support to on-site service and a guaranteed next business day response. For customers with specific needs, we even offer a 24/7 service with a response time of just four hours.

Our products are distinguished by an exceptionally long service life. We offer a guaranteed minimum lifespan of 10 years, which is double the average lifespan of 5 years for standard storage solutions. This longer life not only ensures a reliable and durable storage solution, but also reduces the need for frequent replacements or upgrades, resulting in lower investment costs for our customers.

Our service contracts and service agreements are designed with flexibility in mind to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We offer a wide range of support services, including email, phone and remote
, providing convenient and accessible help when you need it. In addition, our service includes monitoring by COMEX and FAST LTA, allowing us to proactively identify and address any issues before they affect your operations.

As standard, we offer a five-year service contract, but this can be extended to ten years with the same terms, giving you additional security and continuity. Within our service contract, all firmware updates are included, as well as all hardware components, including hard drives and SSDs. This means you won’t have to deal with unexpected costs for replacements or upgrades.

All labor costs are also included in the contract. We offer on-site service and guarantee a next business day response, so you can be assured of quick and effective support in the event of any problems. For customers who need even faster response, we offer as an option a 24/7 service with a response time of just four hours.

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