Compliant filing. Certified, GDPR compliant. Proven thousands of times.

Silent Cubes are our special storage systems for compliant filing. For more than 15 years they have been the market leader in German hospitals and public institutions, securing all types of data that should not be lost under any circumstances.

Compliance with legal requirements and 100% protection against data loss are essential for many companies, institutions and authorities. Silent Cubes have proven themselves thousands of times for legally compliant and immutable archiving. Whether it’s a few terabytes or billions of files – Silent Cubes protect your sensitive data securely and permanently via hardware WORM. Archiving on Silent Cubes also reduces the burden on your data protection – and your IT budget.


Hardware WORM, Erasure Coding, Digital Audit, Disk Mix and Geo-Redundancy ensure maximum protection of your critical data.


Certified by KPMG for compliant and GDPR-compliant archiving (including GDPdU, GoBS, RöV in Germany, Austria, Switzerland).


Long service life, low energy consumption and CO2 neutrality are the cornerstones of sustainable data archiving.

Managed storage.

Comprehensive on-site service with hardware replacement and full data retention. This with maintenance contracts lasting 10 years and more.

Approved solutions

Silent Cubes are cross-certified with leading archiving solutions. This way you can be sure that your archiving environment meets all legal requirements and functions smoothly.

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Unmatched design to protect your data:
The Silent Cube DS (Pro).

The Silent Cube DS is the successor to the successful Silent Cube and offers 4 to 64 TB of net capacity in a slim rack enclosure on a single height unit.

Hardware WORM: The specially developed hard disk controller can only write incrementally. Once data has been written to an area, it cannot be overwritten. Integrated Digital Audit regularly checks all data for integrity.

Erasure Coding 12/8: We have been using Erasure Coding for 15 years. This means that up to 4 out of 12 hard drives can fail without losing data. Unlike RAID, the rebuild takes place in the background without slowing down the system.

Redundancy: Power sources and network connections to the Head Unit are redundant. And the whole system can – and should – be geo-redundant. The second location, optionally in the FAST LTA Data Center, protects against total outages.

Full service: We are there for you if needed. If required, also 24/7/365.

The Head Unit, Head Unit Pro, Silent Cube DS and Silent Cube DS Pro are climate neutral: We offset the CO2 emissions caused by production, transport and recycling.

Our systems for secure archiving: Silent Cubes & Silent Bricks.

For legal and GDPR-compliant archiving, there is no better system than Silent Cubes.
Data protection and VTL archives are excellently served on the Silent Bricks.


Compliant WORM archiving on Silent Cubes.

Backup & recovery / VTL on Silent Bricks.


Erasure Coding with quadruple redundancy and sealing via hardware WORM.

Triple Parity SecureNAS (ZFS) or Erasure Coding with quadruple redundancy.

Storage media.

Stationary Silent Cube DS (Pro), low power consumption in standby.

Stationary Silent Brick Max and Air-Gap compatible Silent Brick Plus & Air.


Individual Silent Cubes are available in capacities from 4 to 64 TB (net). The entire system dynamically scales up to the petabyte range.

Silent Brick Max with up to 240 TB (gross), Silent Brick Plus with up to 48 TB (gross), Silent Brick Air with 12 or 24 TB (gross). Thus, up to 6 petabytes can be realized per Controller.


Silent Cubes can easily be replicated to a second location – even to one of our data centers, if desired.

Silent Bricks can be replicated – or moved – on a media basis to one or more other locations.


Hospitals, government agencies and industrial customers rely on our archiving solutions.

For more than 12 years, customers from healthcare, government agencies and industry have relied on our storage solutions for certified and GDPR-compliant archiving. Full certification, smooth integration, highest security including hardware WORM and minimal maintenance convince in thousands of installations.

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