Protection against ransomware.

Two core aspects play a major role in protecting against Ransomware: How do you protect against data loss? And how will you ensure that you are operational again as soon as possible after a successful attack? Our Backup and Archiving products help protect your business from the effects of a ransomware attack.

Ransomware is one of the biggest threats to today’s IT environments and its data. New variants are becoming increasingly diversified, attacking the server in a targeted manner and threatening to make additional critical enterprise data public. Thus, the total cost has been rising for years – which has nothing to do with increased ransom demands in Bitcoin.

With our Silent Brick system, its unique physical airgap and precisely tuned data security concepts, you avoid data loss and minimize the risk of downtime. In addition, in the event of an attack, the time to return to normal operational operation shortens. Follow-up costs arising from system downtime, DSGVO violation fines, payment of ransom, and reputation loss can thus be avoided or at least significantly reduced.

Our Silent Cube DS Pro protects against data loss and tampering with its built-in hardware WORM sealing and quadruple redundancy. All a hacker could do is pad the storage, but not remove or corrupt any data. 

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