The Silent Brick System

The Silent Brick system is the flexible storage solution for full data protection (backup & recovery) and cold storage (large VTL archives). The system consists of modern, high-performance storage hardware and offline-ready mobile storage containers. Its high integrated security makes it especially suitable for backup and archiving.

New: Silent Brick Air, Plus & Max!

New: Silent Brick AIR, PLUS & MAX

Silent Brick AIR
Silent Brick Plus
Silent Brick Max

The Silent Brick Air equipped hard drives offer 12 or 24 TB of gross capacity, which can also be combined into larger volumes. As SecureNAS it protects data with dual or triple parity, as SecureNAS ERC or in VTL mode even quadruple with 12/8 erasure coding and linear file system (of course random access is preserved for reads).

The Silent Brick Plus is equipped with 12 high-speed SSD modules. Configured as SecureNAS 2P or 3P, it also provides failure protection for 2 or 3 SSDs. The Silent Brick Plus is available in gross capacities of 12, 24 and 48 TB per unit, which can also be combined to create larger volumes – even after the fact.

The Silent Brick Max is the mass storage unit among Silent Bricks. As a stationary storage module, it offers gross 48, 96 or 240 TB on a single height unit – again, much larger volumes can be created by combining multiple Silent Brick Max units. Like all Silent Bricks, the Silent Brick Max is equipped with 12 drives, up to four of which can fail simultaneously without losing data, depending on configuration.

Silent Brick Drive

The Silent Brick Drive is a backup and archiving system equipped with 2 slots for the Silent Bricks.

Backup – Incremental Backups on writable NAS, full-backups and secure SecureNAS or VTL. Ideal for Veeam backup environments, for example.

Archiving – File-server and audit-proof archive with up to 24 TB (gross). Integrated data security through linear, structured storage relieves primary storage and backup effort.

Thanks to the transportability of the Silent Bricks and replication, the Silent Brick Drive is also ideally suited as a node in an installation with centralized storage. Because replication is fundamentally done on media, even at the central location the various outside locations are physically separated and thus clearly locatable.

  • 1 HE, 2 slots
  • Capacity up to 48 TB (gross, uncompressed)
  • E-Paper-Display as an electronic Label
  • Supports Silent Brick, Silent Brick Flash and Silent Brick WORM
  • Each slot / Silent Brick is individually configurable as a NAS, SecureNAS or VTL
  • Supports local replication and remote replication based on single Silent Bricks
  • Exchange between Silent Brick Drives and systems possible
  • Favorable complete packages e.g. for audit-proof archiving

Controller & Shelf

Mix & Match – The Silent Brick system is particularly flexible and modular through separation of state-of-the-art storage IT and offline-ready storage media.

The Silent Brick is a transportable storage medium protected against data loss by a group of 12 data carriers with variable redundancy. Without a dedicated power supply, 24 TB per Silent Brick (gross) can be stored quickly transported and access secured.

With 5 slots, the Controller offers the ability to expand up to 120 TB (gross), with the by Extension Shelves of 14 slots each or 336 TB (gross).

Single Silent Bricks-based replication can take place locally or on a second system.

  • Controller with 5 slots / 120 TB (gross), Shelf with 14 slots / 336 TB (gross)
  • Supports all Silent Brick variants: Disk and Flash, with and without WORM sealing
  • Software connection via NFS/SMB or VTL
  • Any combination mets NAS, SecureNAS, VTL in the same system
  • Connection via 10G Ethernet or fiber channel
  • Replication based on single Silent Bricks, locally or in a second system

Single Drive

The Single Drive is especially suitable for smaller installations for audit-proof archiving. Equipped with a Silent Brick WORM, it offers 2, 4 or 6 TB Net capacity Very convenient: If you still need more than the original 2 or 4 TB, the capacity can be expanded up to 6 TB per Software Update. Of course, the Silent Brick WORM is offline-capable, so that you can eject it at any time via the Single Drive and store it accessible. Archiving can then continue on a second Silent Brick WORM. With replication to a second location, you additionally protect against failure from disasters (fire, water, etc.) or theft., Wasser, etc.) or theft.

Instead of a Silent Brick WORM, you can also fill it with hard drives or SSDs and use the Single Drive as a low-cost File Server with up to 24 TB of Gross capacity.

  • 1 HE, 1 slot
  • Ideal for audit-proof archiving with 1x Silent Brick WORM
  • Net capacity* of 2, 4 Or 6 TB available, upgradable via software
  • Also supports Silent Brick and Silent Brick Flash, up to 24 TB gross capacity
  • Supports remote replication via a single Silent Brick
  • Exchange between different Silent Brick Drives and systems is possible
  • Favorable complete solutions available

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