In the healthcare sector, data must be backed up reliably and securely. Hospitals need reliable systems for the large amounts of sensitive, critical information they manage. The Silent Cube system offers the perfect solution. Allows you to archive large amounts of PACS data according to European and national regulations. This system ensures compliant archiving and prevents manipulation or loss.


Hospitals and other medical institutions produce huge amounts of data, such as X-rays, MR scans and patient data. They must keep and back up this data reliably. The Silent Cube DS Pro system ensures that data remains unchanging over decades. In addition, they are quickly accessible from different locations.

Some successful implementations of Silent Cubes in the medical field include:

  • Clinics of Kempten (4 hospitals): Replaced within two months tape for archive and backup with Silent Cubes.
  • Friedrich-Ebert Hospital in Neumünster: Migrated from DVD to Silent Cubes, reducing access times from twenty minutes to a few seconds.
  • Marienhaus Hospital: Archives patient data from three locations centrally on a Silent Cube filing system.
  • Stryker Trauma: Stores paper and electronic documents, such as invoices, drawings, letters, files and emails, centrally with Docuware in a Silent Cube archive.

Our Silent Cube systems provide the reliability and safety critical to the healthcare industry.

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