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A full year of cycling, that’s 500 hours, or nearly 15 TB of material. That was the challenge of the Saarländische Rundfunk in seeking archiving possibilities of the XDCAM recordings, which came together in the studio car. The ZDF asked the same questions: How do hundreds of hours of archival material from the Mainzer Lerchenberg get to Pyeongchang or Moscow? Send without data loss and without RAID Systems, which actually should not be moved.

The solution? Silent Bricks!

With its 1 Head Unit and 2 Slots, the Silent Brick Drive is ideally suited for installation in a recording cart. On-site volumes of digital content then fit up to 24 TB gross (16 TB net) with extremely secure Erasure Coding and quadruple redundancy per Silent Brick. With its stable aluminum frame, the 2kg lightweight Silent Brick is also protected from physical damage.

In addition, up to 4 Silent Bricks (96TB of data) can be safely transported worldwide per transport case.

Case Silent Brick

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