Silent Bricks and Silent Cubes:

Managed storage, secondary storage, ransomware protection,
backup with Veeam and archive.

Our systems are designed to provide businesses with durable, reliable and secure storage options for their data. Associated crucial topics include managed storage, secondary storage, ransomware protection, backups and archiving.

Secondary storage
Effectively managing secondary data is essential for companies that want to store their data securely and efficiently. Our solutions include both Silent Bricks and Silent Cubes, which provide flexible and scalable secondary data storage. In addition, these systems provide reliable protection against ransomware, hackers and other threats.

Secondary storage includes both backups and archival solutions. For backups, our Silent Bricks offer fast and reliable recovery capabilities, while the Silent Cube DS Pro is ideal for long-term and immutable archiving. Both systems are designed to ensure business process continuity and provide robust protection against data loss and corruption.

Ransomware Security
Ransomware attacks pose a serious threat to businesses, where data can be encrypted or destroyed. Our Silent Bricks systems offer an excellent solution with a unique physical airgap that ensures a backup always remains separate from the network. This ensures the backup remains available and can be quickly restored in cooperation with antivirus companies.

Backup with Veeam
For a reliable backup solution, we partner with Veeam. The combination of Veeam software and our Silent Bricks systems ensures fast and reliable data recovery. This system provides a complete backup solution that integrates seamlessly and ensures maximum business continuity.

For long-term and unchanging data storage, the Silent Cube DS Pro system offers the perfect solution. With hardware-based WORM technology, data cannot be modified or deleted, even by hackers. This ensures compliant and reliable archiving, where data remains safely and immutably stored.

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