Data within an industrial company can suddenly explode. For the IT department, this means a rapid increase in data volumes, which do need to be kept secure as usual.

Crucial data from projects, permits and Research & Development, among others, all need to be stored long term and immutably. After all, this data is the heart of the enterprise.

Protecting industrial data

Unalterable and long-term retention of this crucial data is essential; data must not be lost or altered. At the same time, companies need to consider the exponential growth of data and the need for easy expansion of storage capacity. However, this can present new challenges, as many companies do not have large server rooms locally. An easily scalable and compact system is desirable. 

A proper backup strategy is also critical. Data must always be available and protected from both intentional and unintentional data loss. With the increasing threat of ransomware, it is crucial to keep an offline copy of the backup disconnected from the network. This offline backup can be quickly deployed in the event of a ransomware attack, which is vital for business continuity. 

With our Silent Brick and Silent Cube systems no backup or archive challenge is too much. Durable, secure, reliable and scalable. In short, ideally suited as a solution to storage challenges within the industry. 

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