Durable and reliable storage for secondary data

Storing secondary data securely and efficiently is critical for organizations and businesses. Whether archiving documents, backing up or storing content, our solutions are specifically designed to meet these needs.

Our partner, FAST LTA, offers flexible and scalable solutions such as the Silent Bricks and Silent Cubes. These systems are modular and guarantee a minimum lifespan of 10 years, ensuring a durable and reliable solution. They offer seamless data migration options, allowing data to be easily moved between different FAST LTA systems.

Since 2005, more than 3,000 installations have relied on our solutions. Our clients range from government, commercial, industrial and financial institutions to hospitals and heritage institutions. With the Silent Bricks and Silent Cubes, we can store secondary data ranging from a few terabytes to several petabytes. These systems provide reliable protection against threats such as ransomware and hackers.

                                                               Solutions for backup  

A traditional backup strategy using only disks and tapes no longer meets today’s requirements. FAST LTA’s Silent Brick system is flexibly configurable, modularly expandable and provides high security measures to protect data from loss and tampering. The system supports backup to flash with the Silent Brick Plus for highest performance, backup to disk for high capacity and backup to virtual tapes including physical air gap.

The Silent Brick system is energy efficient, fast and safe. With a physical airgap, the system ensures that backups remain available even during a ransomware attack that takes down the network.

Solutions for archive

Archival data does not undergo changes and often must be preserved for many years. For this particular data, the WORM (Write Once Read Many) principle is ideal, where data is immutable and remains regularly accessible. Our solutions for archive data include the Silent Cube DS Pro, which offers quadruple redundancy and energy-efficient design. The system is connected via Ethernet as a NAS unit and can scale seamlessly thanks to its modular design.

With hardware-based WORM technology, data integrity cannot be bypassed, contributing to long-term, compliant archiving without any risk of data loss. This provides organizations with assurance that their data remains secure and immutable, fully compliant with legal requirements.

Data transport solutions

In a digitizing world, the amount of digital content is increasing rapidly. The Silent Brick system provides an efficient solution for moving large amounts of data. The system is fast, energy efficient and secure, making it easy to transport several to tens of terabytes of data.

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