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H1: Protecting innovations means protecting data
H2: Secure storage products from Munich-based FAST LTA can protect data and backups so that a cyberattack does not have serious consequences.

Protect your data

Whether it is biotechnology, robotics, autonomous driving or research into the latest battery technology – innovative technologies are generating vast amounts of valuable data. Data that should never be lost or fall into the wrong hands. This data requires special protection against cyber attacks and their consequences. The first tool of choice is reliable backups, as highlighted in the annual report on IT security in Germany by the “Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik” (BSI). “The threat in cyberspace is tense, dynamic and varied – and thus as high as never before,” said Dr. Gerhard Schabhüser, vice president of the BSI. Attackers now almost always have their eyes on data backups first in order to prevent rapid recovery and thus the resumption of normal business operations. Since an IT failure and lack of access to business-critical data represent the majority of the costs caused by an attack, special solutions are needed here to minimize these risks.

The specialty of FAST LTA

This is where the specialists at FAST LTA GmbH in Munich come in. “When it comes to secure storage of large amounts of data, many people initially think of large Cloud providers such as Amazon, Google or Microsoft,” said Reiner Bielmeier, director of FAST LTA. “However, many government agencies and companies are not allowed or willing to store their sensitive data elsewhere or even entrust it to foreign companies. As a German manufacturer, we have made a name for ourselves by storing this sensitive data securely for decades. That’s also why many federal agencies rely on our storage solutions.”

Unlike other vendors, FAST LTA has specialized in data security and archiving – and uses specially developed technologies in their storage products. The Münchners call this Multi-Immutable Storage: the solutions include multiple ways to protect data from manipulation, loss or misuse by cybercriminals. Because different data areas require different tuned protection mechanisms. A special feature of FAST LTA’s“Silent Brick System” is the so-called Air Gap: through removable storage containers, the data stored thereon are physically separated from the IT infrastructure – and are still readily available when needed.

“An IT failure is the worst-case scenario for data-driven businesses. Unfortunately, half of affected companies still pay a high ransom to attackers, hoping to recover data quickly. Much more sensible – and cheaper – is to put in place as soon as possible a watertight data security strategy that enables fast and complete data recovery. This is where we can help,” Bielmeier summarizes.

Silent Bricks & Silent Cubes: Reliable data guarantee

With FAST LTA’s flexible Silent Brick and Silent Cube systems, you can better ensure your company’s data security. Secure, scalable, reliable and affordable! With already 3000+ satisfied customers, 200+ Petabytes of securely stored data and 0 bit data loss, these systems are proven effective!

Enjoy secure, complete data backup with the flexible Silent Brick system that fits your organization’s needs seamlessly.

With the highly secure Silent Cube system, you guarantee long-term, compliant archiving without any data loss.

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