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15 years ago, the Silent Cube was presented by FAST LTA in Germany at the DMEA fair in Berlin. This year we introduce the Silent Cube DS Pro and the Head Unit Pro, the biggest product update since the introduction of the Silent Cubes. Over the past 15 years, there have always been updates to these Cubes, new models, larger capacities. That goes without saying in the IT industry.

What is not self-evident is that Silent Cubes from 15 years ago are still problem-free compatible with today’s Head Unit Pro and can be supplemented with today’s Silent Cubes DS (Pro) without problems. Despite the longevity of Silent Cubes, it makes more sense to migrate to newer models, which, thanks to Silent Transfer, happens in the background with low system load and, above all, completely within the certified environment.

Since the first system in 2008, we have delivered about 60 Petabytes of capacity. 80% of the customers from the first two years still rely on our storage systems and half of them even still use the same Silent Cubes system as their core system.

Silent Cube DS Pro and Head Unit Pro are state-of-the-art storage systems for (audit-proof) WORM archiving, which is especially necessary in the CRITIS sector. In addition to federal governments, most German hospitals are among our customers.

The loyalty of our customers is the greatest incentive for us to continue providing first-class storage solutions that combine exceptional reliability, maximum security and maximum durability.

With lasting greetings,

Comex and FAST LTA

Now Pro: Silent Cubes

New models available immediately

Silent Cube DS Pro & Head Unit Pro

Go Pro: with typically 10G Ethernet and capacities of 16, 32 or 64 TB per height unit, our Pro systems are ready for the most modern modalities and latest archive applications.

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