Second location without the need for a second location: with FAST LTA STAR we provide protection for your Silent Cubes system in the event of a disaster. Your local system (or your first FLEX instance) is replicated in our data center. This means that your data is always backed up, even in the event of a total failure.

STAR beats cloud.

STAR works just like your own replicated system – but with us and without investment in your own hardware. The second location serves as protection against complete failure of your primary system. We provide you with a Silent Cubes system in our data center and you only pay for maintenance. In the event that your local system fails due to fire, water damage, theft or destruction, your data is still safely stored with us.

Reinsurance of your data

Unlike cloud offerings, at STAR we use the exact same system you rely on for local storage: The Silent Cubes with erasure coding and WORM sealing via hardware. So you can rest assured that your data is kept private and secure. The STAR system is used exclusively for replication; there is no access to data except for monitoring. Since no one has access, data breaches are also out of the question. We also monitor the system 24/7 to respond quickly to hardware failures and other problems.

In the unlikely event that your local system needs to be completely replaced, we create a 1:1 copy within our data center. Since this is done using the system’s own replication tools, compliance monitoring is maintained. This system, which now contains all your data, will become the new primary system at your first location.

Cloud experience

Easy installation managed by us, no proprietary hardware, simple terms and conditions – the cloud experience.

You retain the benefits of our storage systems and complete control over your data. They are stored on a Silent Cubes storage system exclusively for you instead of in a shared environment as it is usually the case. The currently most secure solution for storage with WORM sealing is being used everywhere: Silent Cubes Pro.

Just as you would expect from a pure cloud offering, the Silent Cubes system does its service for you maintenance-free and in the background once it is set up. You don’t have to worry about expansion, maintenance and software updates – all you have to do is consult with us to ensure that the STAR system remains at the same level as your local instance.

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