Silent Brick MAX

Stationary storage module for the Silent Brick Controller

The Silent Brick Max is a stationary storage module for the Silent Brick Controller. It is connected to the controller via SAS and is equipped with 12 hard drives from 3 different batches. The Silent Brick Max is available in 32/48TB, 64/96TB, and 160/240TB. The system connection is made as VTL or via SMB or NFS share. Parallel access is possible via an S3-compatible protocol. The Silent Brick Max has integrated data loss protection through triple parity (SecureNAS 3P) or quadruple redundancy with erasure encryption and linear file system (SecureNAS ERC or VTL). Multiple Silent Bricks Max with the same configuration can be joined together to form larger volumes.

Silent Brick Max. Maximum data density. Minimum cost.

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