The AVG is coming: get hardware in order!

The AVG (General Data Protection Regulation) places a number of technical requirements on data storage hardware. Literally: permanently ensuring confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience.

Many companies make your personal information available to you online. Consider account information at an online store. However, a possible DDoS attack then makes it impossible for users to access their data, availability is not guaranteed. And the requirement for resilience comes into play during a major marketing campaign, for example: the system must be able to handle a good number of additional visitors without the website going down and data becoming unavailable. For example, the integrity requirement states that data cannot be corrupted, which in turn calls for sufficient and proper backups.

Be able to demonstrate

In itself, it is not as difficult as it may seem. Point is to look at the requirements and how to meet them with current systems. So that IF something goes wrong, you can prove that you have met the requirements as best as possible. It is important not to skimp on integrity and thus a secure system, because it can cost a lot of money if you cannot prove that you have handled personal data carefully and properly.


A point to consider is also migration: transferring data from one storage system to another, for example. Again, it is important to maintain the points of confidentiality, integrity and availability. That’s not always the case over the Internet, because in fact you don’t really know through which channels the data flows. Transportable storage systems will become increasingly important partly for this reason. They are more secure than working over the Internet.

Business continuity

Data availability and business continuity go hand in hand: how quickly can you restore and can you guarantee that? You must be able to prove at all times that you used the correct hardware.

Our solutions can eliminate many concerns when it comes to requirements around hardware. Please inquire about the possibilities!

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