The best of both worlds

The choice is not easy. When backing up, do you choose tape or disk? Both systems have advantages. A tape backup is transportable, you can do it offline and off-site, has low power consumption and it is supported with media rotation. Hard disk storage does not have these advantages. This, on the other hand, is fast, has random access and you can start it immediately. Tape is fragile and susceptible to mechanical and electromagnetic damage. Not to mention that the current standard for tape is now LTO 7. LTO 4 is no longer readable for current hardware and software, so continuous transfer to a newer standard is required.


In short, there are advantages and disadvantages to both choices. Not surprisingly, many companies and organizations therefore choose a combination for backup. Because of speed, random access and simplicity, they back up to a hard disk system. In addition, they make copies on tape. At night the back is put on the hard disk and during the day from the hard disk to tape. You can keep those tapes in another location. Disadvantage: you cannot do instant recovery from tapes and, as mentioned, tapes are fragile and not very fast.

Best of both worlds

SilentBricks combines the advantages of both systems while also keeping the disadvantages out. The 12 hard drives in the system are fast and redundant, offering random access and instant recovery. AND they are removable, offline and can be stored in another location. The bricks can be used as if it were a hard disk or tape. Only benefits! Continue reading here

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