Flexible billing for your archive storage: With FAST LTA FLEX , we offer billing for Silent Cubes Pro systems based on actual capacity used.

As with cloud-based storage, you only pay for what you actually use. We provide expansion, maintenance and all updates.

Unlike cloud-based offerings, the primary system remains completely under your control. The secondary system can optionally be hosted in our highly secure data center.

Stay FLEXible.

Large WORM archive storage systems need not involve high investments. With FAST LTA FLEX , you do not have to invest in proprietary hardware and fixed contracts for 5 or more years, giving you the flexibility to decide when to use which storage solutions.

All inclusive

We provide an up-to-date Silent Cubes Pro system with enough storage for your data at any location. 

The first location is always in your data center, where we work with you to install the system and connect it to your infrastructure. This means that data is stored where it is generated and needed. You also have full access to the system – as if it were your own.

With the second system, you can choose whether the system should run in a second location at your site or in our highly secure data center. This second system serves as a backup in case of emergency. Should the primary system fail completely due to disasters such as fire or flood or theft, for example, the data will still be available on the secondary system.

The monthly fee covers everything: hardware, software, licenses and CARE maintenance – you don’t have to worry about anything, but still retain full control of your data. Thanks to integrated monitoring, we know in time when you need additional capacity, a system update or maintenance work. In consultation with you, we can also provide this as part of the FLEX contract.

Cloud experience

Easy installation managed by us, no proprietary hardware, short contract commitment – the cloud experience.

You retain the benefits of our storage systems and complete control over your data. Your data is stored – in your data center or in ours – on a Silent Cubes storage system exclusively for you instead of in a shared environment as is usually the case. The currently most secure solution for storage with WORM sealing is used everywhere:
Silent Cubes Pro

Just as you would expect from a pure cloud offering, the Silent Cubes system does its service for you maintenance-free and in the background once it is set up. No need to worry about expansion, maintenance and software updates – all it takes is an appointment and an on-site deployment if the problem (updates) cannot be solved remotely.

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