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We are the specialists for secondary storage

The vast majority of stored data are secondary data. For example, archive data that no longer changes or backup data. But also files and documents that are still being edited, but are not (no longer) in the most active phase of editing.

Secondary data is the most voluminous and often the most valuable data of an organization. Therefore, they must be stored properly. And this sometimes for a very long period of time.

For the special requirements of secondary data storage, we offer specialized storage systems.
Energy efficient. Safe. Fast. Affordable.

Data security

Modern backup is the foundation of any data security.

The Silent Brick system meets all requirements, including fast flash storage, (immutable) object store virtual tape library and air-gap – and all without tape.

Durable preservation

Valuable data requires special protection.

The Silent Cubes and the Silent Brick WORM are the special storage systems for the legally valid and AVG-compliant archiving of data. Includes true WORM hardware immutability.

Affordable storage

From a few terabytes to dozens of petabytes.

Silent Bricks provide secure, fast and energy-efficient storage for cold data. With random access also in VTL mode. And thus are also economically an alternative to tape libraries.

Tapeless archive, backup, cold storage, editing, ...


"In my opinion, this is a solution that fits very well in an archive. This system is energy efficient, all the data is subject to an audit every week, everything is three times redundant. And the hardware WORM. That was decisive."

Jeen Oppedijk
Senior ICT Specialist

"In 15 years as head of ICT, I have only very rarely seen a technology firm, starting with the with subject knowledge
[...] until the implementation of the new technological solution engages as flexibly, quickly and qualitatively. Chapeau!"

Joachim Schmitt
Head of ICT

"Suppose you have put a lot of money and energy into
stopping hackers, then it could still be
go wrong. Often it is because of human error. Still, we wanted a secure backup that would be inaccessible to hackers, so that in the event of a hack or other disaster, we wouldn't be completely helpless."

Roel Jansen & Gerrie Gossens
Technical Information Advisor & System Administrator
About us

Digital data contain the new gold. Data is full of information that is indispensable to organizations and businesses. That indispensability becomes apparent soon enough when data is temporarily unavailable for whatever reason. It is therefore essential to store data securely. COMEX uses different products and ways to do that. A separation backup and archive, for example. And creating an air-gap.

COMEX has specialized in products for sustainable digital data storage and distribution since 1992. Our focus is on fast and highly reliable storage systems for backup and long-term archiving of digital data. FAST LTA’s archive and storage systems guarantee turnkey solutions.

COMEX has access to almost all former optical storage systems and has extensive experience transferring data from old storage systems to our up-to-date solutions.

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We regularly write blogs on current topics from the world of digital storage technology. Sign up here to be notified about new blogs.