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Speed, rewritable, expandable, low administration and physically separable from production data: these are the five requirements everyone should have for a backup. Many then quickly think of a backup in the cloud, and it is true that this method of backup meets these requirements. The catch, however, is in the restoring process: to recover all the data from the cloud via an Internet connection in the event of a disaster can easily take two weeks. Two weeks in which the business is down and that literally means precious time. Add to that the fact that the big cloud services distribute data across servers all over the world. So “simply” asking for the hard-disc with the backup is not in the cards.

Silent Bricks

Therefore, the most ideal solution lies in Silent Bricks, which we supply to backup providers, among others. Not to be confused with cloud providers. A backup provider does work through the cloud, but stores the data on its own Silent Brick. Indeed, that Silent Brick belongs to the customer himself, so no one else can lay claim to it. Both data and hardware belong to the customer. This merges the benefits of cloud and storage on Silent Bricks.

Proprietary data and hardware

Moreover, the data are on the company’s own Silent Bricks, which are perfectly transportable. In the event of a disaster, backup can provide an operational system within hours. Unlike the weeks it takes to recover data from the cloud over the Internet. Silent Bricks have internal security, so data retention is highly guaranteed. Totally optimal is the situation with a backup on a brick ‘in house’ as well as a backup with the backup provider.

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