Make your backup hacker-proof!

Ransomware that holds backup hostage and encrypts. Go figure, because it deprives you of the opportunity to replace encrypted regular data. See our previous blog! It has already become a reality in practice. Comex customers inquire about “hacker-proof backup. Also known as “Air Gap” or “offline backup. In other words, a secure backup is one that you can take offline and physically separate from the initial system.

Air gap

Air Gap means that you have “a piece of air” between your backup and IT infrastructure, so to speak, so that no data can be transferred. A physical separation, in other words. With Silent Bricks, you can do that very easily: you make your backup and you unplug the brick. This makes you 100 percent safe from this new form of ransomware, for the simple reason that this brick cannot be accessed by ransomware. A truly hacker-proof backup.

Offline and online

Of course, you may not fear hackers, but you may fear ransomware. Then it is enough if you put the brick offline. The difference: if the brick is offline, ransomware or a virus or other malware cannot access it. After all, the brick is not available in the system. However, a hacker who hacked the administrator’s password, for example, could put the brick back online. So just putting it offline is not hacker-proof, but it is ransomware-proof, because software cannot do that online. It does become hacker-proof by thus physically removing the brick from the system. Sure, a hacker can work with an intruder, who puts the brick back into the system. But you can protect against that too, although that is not our expertise.

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