Security for data is a must

The question comes up frequently: why go for local storage when I can just hire a cloud service? Just as scalable. A good question with an even better answer. We are happy to explain.


First, there is finance. True, storage through a cloud service is not that expensive, but the bandwidth you need to use the storage properly is. Cloud storage is therefore not necessarily cheaper than local storage. When it comes to a small amount of data, the cloud is cheaper than an in-house hard drive. But those who store something usually don’t throw anything away. In other words, the amount of data stored will only increase. Especially when large amounts of data are involved, it is important to calculate things properly.


Money is important, but security is even more important. In recent weeks, there have been many security issues when it comes to cloud data. Not surprising: the cloud, by definition, is accessible from the outside. It must, otherwise it is not cloud. And anything over the Internet can be accessed by billions of people. Sure, you can secure it properly, but a cloud is and always will be accessible. Then it’s a matter of the volume and prominence of the cloud service to make it interesting to attackers. A successful attack on a cloud service gives instant control over the data of a large number of users. Earlier this month, hackers attacked Exact Online: all customers of the program were asked to change their passwords. Local storage is safer. Anyone who would want to hack locally stored company data must break into the local network and obtain only one company’s data. And not – as was the case in June with a poorly secured Amazon cloud server – the data of 198 million users.


Finally, continuity. A cloud service requires an Internet connection. In the Netherlands, the Internet is available 99.9% of the time. Conversely, that means it is unavailable 0.1% of the time. Surely, on an annual basis, one working day. Then the damage can still add up considerably. In conclusion, the costs between cloud storage on the one hand and local storage on the other are not miles apart. The difference is in safety and continuity. And for business users, this is essential anyway.

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