Service and data migration for jukeboxes

Since COMEX was founded more than 25 years ago, we have been engaged in archiving data on optical media in libraries, among other things. Still in operation are many jukeboxes from JVC, Disc and Plasmon.

The major advantages of archiving on optical data carriers are the durability of the medium and compatibility because the carriers are written using standardized techniques and can therefore be read in any available drive. It is often desirable to keep a jukebox system in operation for as long as possible, even if it is a system that has not been manufactured and sold for many years.

For all systems sold by COMEX, we supply parts so that even years after the manufacturer’s End-of-Service notice, repairs can still be made by us. Because of this, we can still repair almost all jukeboxes from Disc, Plasmon and JVC and even still have parts in stock for some jukeboxes from Pioneer and Grundig.

Problems also sometimes arise from the software environment because too many different factors such as operating system, service pack or system firmware come into play. For software products that are no longer being developed such as iXOS, Legato or Smart Storage, this ultimately leaves only software replacement as an option. But again, with PoINT Storage Manager, Qstar Archive Storage Manager or the StorEasy Blu-Arc Datamanager, we can offer several options also from the software side to keep a jukebox in operation.

And if it does come to a replacement of the entire system or if there are still data carriers that can no longer be read in because the necessary hardware is missing, we can usually also help here with our migration service.

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