Why backing up to the cloud is not a good idea

In our previous blogs, we explained what requirements a backup should meet, and then the different ways and hardware to make the backup. Points such as speed, low administration, extensibility and overwritability are leading. Many are backing up their systems to the cloud because the cloud meets all the requirements. And indeed: as long as nothing goes wrong, backing up to the cloud is not a bad idea at all.

Two marches

However, there is a but. Or rather two buts. First of all, the cloud is by definition public and therefore a potential object for hackers. The larger the cloud service provider, the more hackers are interested in breaking in. So you can put a question mark over the security of data in the cloud. The biggest drawback of all, however, is the lack of instant recovery capability. If things go wrong and the backup really needs to be brought into position, over a widely used 100 mbit Internet connection and 10 TB backup, it can take almost two weeks to get the whole system up-and-running again. That will be two very expensive weeks for an average company, during which no work can be done and the company is not online.

Rather cloudless

In other words, in fact, the cloud is not suitable for business backup because you simply cannot afford to have two weeks of forced downtime. Silent Bricks have the benefits already mentioned. But they also have the advantage that this system is extremely secure and has instant recovery. Within two hours, a company doing backup through Silent Bricks is back online. So: rather back up unclouded.

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