A backup. Is that really necessary?

The question seems almost redundant: is a backup necessary? The answer is resoundingly yes. Yet in practice, we often encounter that there is no backup, or that it is not good or not working properly. And so a crash course: how do I make sure I have a good backup?

Final rescue

A backup is a rescue, used in the event of a disaster. To quickly restore data and avoid panic. And that’s with data you don’t test regularly. In other words, you need to make sure your backup is good from the beginning. The backup should do it, you have to be able to assume that.


Sounds simple, but it’s not quite that easy. In the event of disaster and panic, there is no opportunity to still be stuck with a faltering backup. First of all: you do need to have a backup. And have available. The backup must be easily accessible. Also consider an off-site copy, which you keep “off-site. Because if your data center or server room burns down and with it your backup, you still have nothing. So: make sure you have on-site as well as off-site copy.

Current and complete

It is also important that the backup be current, as close to the current time as possible. This implies that it should be easy to back up, preferably automatically and daily. And then, of course, the backup must be complete. Anyone who thinks about these points almost already has a good backup. Occasionally test that the backup itself and the restore software are working, and then you’ll be well on your way.

Over the next few weeks, we will bring you more news about making a good backup and the right systems for doing so. Stay tuned!

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