Five hard requirements for a backup

A very important feature of a backup is being able to quickly restore data. Call it a demand: you want to get back to work quickly. In addition, the backup medium must be rewritable, as it is actually a copy of the original data that changes regularly. A backup is redone daily, so it is highly desirable that the storage medium can be rewritten several times.

Expansion and simplicity

Also an important requirement: the backup must be able to expand. As the amount of data in a company grows, the backup must be able to grow with it. Because a backup is done every day — or at least daily — it should be easy to back up. So little administrative burden. Additional reason is that a backup is less likely to be done if it is cumbersome to do.

Physically separated

The backup must be physically separate from the corporate network and data center. Should everything be physically lost, for example in a fire, the backup with data always still exists. Finally, it is a good idea to see if you can make the backup system as energy efficient as possible.


Requirements for a backup system:
1. Quick
2. Rewritable
3. Expandable
4. Little administration
5. Physically separated from corporate network and data center.

Next time we will address what this means for backup hardware.

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