A store of elastic

In our previous blog, we talked about the different ways of storing and archiving. Most IT administrators are well aware that storage must fit the type of data. Only: how to choose the right system for the coming years? Because what kind of data will we get and how will the archive evolve? And again, past results are no guarantee for the future. It gives an indication, but at the same time it may not be worth anything.

Keep it flexible!

Case in point: in the film industry, the amount of data has exploded in recent years. Initially, this required a lot of storage in the first tier, primary storage, to edit films. With all those films having to be stored, much more investment is needed in the second and third tiers. Elastic storage would also be a godsend for companies that work with a lot of data, storage and archive. A flexible storage that is quick and easy to expand and, if desired, scale down as conditions demand. Especially since many IT administrators understandably struggle to properly predict how much data they will have to deal with.

Hooking up and unhooking

A storage of elastic, expandable to all directions. For quick and medium access and for the archive. Think flash disk for data you want to have at your disposal super fast, “regular” hard drives for the second tier and hard drives with seals and certificates for the third tier. The elastic exists and is called Silent Brick. Easy to add and remove again, in three shapes. The Silent Library can also control them in three different ways. Within five minutes you plug in the “bricks” and they are up and running. So you can quickly and easily expand your storage and archive in terms of capacity, functionality and speed. Three-dimensional elastic. Or maybe even four-dimensional: you can also disconnect bricks and put them in the closet for offline storage. Thus storage and archiving is not a static thing, nor do you have to row with the oars you have. Responding to the current situation becomes a piece of cake for the IT administrator.

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