Avoid an unpredictable cloud!

Some time ago, it appeared that the Google Cloud had been unavailable for six hours at one point. So Gmail, Google Docs and all sorts of other apps made available by Google in the cloud were all unavailable. Now six hours does not seem like a very long time, but you will have to wait for it. Moreover, it appears that availability is not 100 percent. All that time you – if you are using the Google Cloud – cannot work, nor can you fix the problem yourself.

Transparency is a long way off

On the same day came a message from Microsoft: an outage in Microsoft’s cloud will no longer be publicly announced. Microsoft knows who is using which service and sends targeted messages to the user in the event of an outage. Microsoft’s motivation: the customer no longer has to permanently check our site for outages and possibly an outage that does not affect a customer at all. But yes, transparency is gone and accountability for the information is placed on the system administrator. This is because it gets the message from Microsoft and may spread the bad news to end users.


In fact, these examples boil down to the fact that a cloud provider can largely do whatever it wants. Please note that scheduled maintenance does not interrupt availability. It is purely about failures and emergencies. Point is, however, that it is difficult to predict when outages will occur, how long they will last and whether you as a user will be notified of them. An outage is not necessarily resolved quickly.

What we can do

Silent Bricks do not have these problems. Want to know more? We are happy to tell you all about it. Please feel free to contact us! We are happy to further explain the benefits of Silent Bricks.


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