Data analytics requires rapid availability of data

Data analytics is a useful tool for getting the most out of your data. That way you can be at a glance where which product is selling best, what the changes are, why, and so on. There are more and more tools that are affordable and good and can use different sources and retrieve data from there. Thus, they visualize the connection of all kinds of business processes.

Quick approach

This software does require that data can be accessed in a reasonably fast manner and fairly randomly. It gets tricky if, for example, a tape has to be changed all the time. This kind of data storage is actually far too slow for a data analytics tool. The consideration of where to store the data is therefore important. Storing on an expensive high-end storage might be fast, but the costs run high.


Storage in the cloud usually provides a speed good enough for data analysis. Point is, downloading data from the cloud provider’s server also costs money. However, it can be beneficial if the data analytics tool works in the cloud (Software As A Service – SaaS). The idea is that the data are where they are processed to avoid all these kinds of costs.

Local storage

If your data is not in the cloud, or conversely, if the data analytics tool is running on your own server, storage on Silent Bricks is a great method. Then, for good analysis, you can access your data quickly, well and inexpensively. That speed is also still an issue. Archive storage in the cloud is fairly inexpensive. but it may just take a week for the data to be available when you need it.

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