Digital storage is a different consideration for each company

The theme apparently appealed to many visitors to the Infosecurity Data & Cloud Expo trade show beforehand. Entitled “To cloud or not to cloud, is that the question?” the seminar produced two fully booked seminars. In other words, the topic raises many questions for companies and organizations facing the question of how to store their digital files. Is the cloud really the best fit for that? Why or why not? What are the alternatives?


Security is a big deal, and the fair’s own organizers realized this two weeks beforehand: there was a data breach that left some features unavailable. A bad turn, especially for such a fair, but it underscores the dilemma facing many organizations. Is it all safe enough? There is much uncertainty about cloud storage and it became clear that good advice is more than necessary. And: what is the cloud anyway? Is this Amazon and Microsoft? Or a private server in the data center that you address with cloud functionality? And what exactly is your own private cloud? The term “cloud” appears to be ambiguous. And so: do we all mean the same thing when we talk about the cloud?

Weighing and weighing

Therefore, it is good to look at the advantages and disadvantages of the services and products that different providers have. What do you need. Many companies and organizations are looking for advice on this issue, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. For each company and organization, there is a different consideration. What do you store locally? (And then, of course, Silent Bricks are a great option).


The best general solution is: you don’t have to commit to one system or one storage location. You can combine things and look at services and products that offer combinations to bring together the benefits of different options. For example, you can store a first backup locally and the second, which hopefully you will never need, in the cloud. For every company and organization, this is a different consideration and therefore customized. Therefore, get proper advice, for example through a free telephone consultation with our experts. You can request this here:


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