Don’t WORRI: Save and secure with an active WORM archive

Join our exclusive theater session,“Don’t WORRI: Save and secure with an active WORM archive,” at Cybersec Europe 2024. Discover how an active WORM archive not only makes your data storage more secure, but also reduces the complexity of your backup environment and saves costs.

What is an active WORM archive?

An active WORM (Write Once Read Many) archive reduces the need for extensive backups, resulting in increased security, simplified data management processes and significant cost savings. This system enables organizations to store their valuable data more efficiently and with greater confidence.

The transformation by Silent Cubes

Before implementing an active WORM archive, organizations often lean heavily on backups as a quasi-archive method, which is inefficient and compromises data security. Our Silent Cubes changethis completely by eliminating overcrowded backups. They guarantee the immutability and immediate accessibility of data, allowing your organization to move to a secure, efficient and cost-effective archiving strategy.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how an active WORM archive can transform your organization. This session will provide you with the knowledge to optimize your data management and increase your cyber security. In addition, we will also introduce our new innovative services during this session, don’t miss it!

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Silent Bricks & Silent Cubes: Reliable data guarantee

With FAST LTA’s flexible Silent Brick and Silent Cube systems, you can better ensure your company’s data security. Secure, scalable, reliable and affordable! With already 3000+ satisfied customers, 200+ Petabytes of safely stored data and 0 bit data loss, these systems are proven effective!

Enjoy secure, complete data backup with the flexible Silent Brick system that fits your organization’s needs seamlessly.

With the highly secure Silent Cube system, you guarantee long-term, compliant archiving without any data loss.

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