Operational continuity: prevent chaos with Silent Bricks

In a world where digital security is increasingly crucial, protecting our operational technology (OT) is no longer a choice but a necessity. Today, OT is the backbone of industrial companies, and the importance of reliable backup systems cannot be overemphasized. Ensure operational continuity by implementing a proper backup strategy! 

The Need for Robust OT Backups

Operational technology, the driving force behind our industrial processes, requires a level of security that often exceeds traditional IT solutions. OT systems are critical to daily operations and their failure can lead to significant financial losses and even security risks. On top of that, ransomware attacks and other cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, which only increases the need for robust and reliable backup solutions.

The impact of an OT outage

A simple example is a manufacturing facility where machines suddenly fail due to a system failure or cyber attack. This not only results in immediate production losses, but can also lead to long-term disruptions in the supply chain and customer relationships. In some cases, even safety hazards can arise, with far-reaching consequences for both workers and the environment.

At a power company, a failure in OT systems can result in widespread power outages, causing a chain reaction of problems for both households and businesses. The financial damage, coupled with loss of reputation, can have a huge impact on the company’s operations.

In this context, reliable backups are not just a technical necessity, but a strategic tool to manage risk and ensure operational resilience.

Silent Bricks: Your Reliable Partner in OT Backup and Security

The Silent Brick system from German manufacturer FAST LTA offers a robust solution for securing essential OT data. With its physical airgap, an offline backup remains available at all times. This is inaccessible to hackers and can be made active within a very short time in case of an emergency so that the OT is operational again. In addition, the system is hugely scalable, allowing it to easily and cost-effectively grow with your company’s data. Furthermore, the Silent Bricks also come in a hardware WORM version. It allows you to easily archive crucial data and protect it from any kind of loss and change.


In an increasingly technology-dependent world, protecting operational technology with reliable backup solutions is not a luxury, but a necessary precaution. Silent Bricks are ready to fulfill this crucial role in your organization, ensuring the continuity and safety of your business.

Silent Bricks & Silent Cubes: Reliable data guarantee

With FAST LTA’s flexible Silent Brick and Silent Cube systems, you can better ensure your company’s data security. Secure, scalable, reliable and affordable! With already 3000+ satisfied customers, 200+ Petabytes of safely stored data and 0 bit data loss, these systems are proven effective!

Enjoy secure, complete data backup with the flexible Silent Brick system that fits your organization’s needs seamlessly.

With the highly secure Silent Cube system, you guarantee long-term, compliant archiving without any data loss.

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