The importance of true vendor neutrality in archive solutions

In an ideal world, digital archives should be free of vendor restrictions, with organizations having the freedom to move their data seamlessly between different systems. However, reality is often different. Many archive solutions claim to be vendor-neutral, but face limitations that tie organizations to prohibitively expensive licenses, dedicated hardware, or both. This leads to a situation where the promise of vendor neutrality seems more like a marketing term than a practical reality.

A false promise?

Traditionally, archive solutions have been offered with the promise of flexibility and scalability. In practice, however, these systems often turn out to be vendor-specific, leaving companies stuck with expensive licenses and limited in their choices for future expansion or migration. This presents a significant obstacle for organizations looking to manage their data in a way that best suits their changing needs.

Moreover, some supposedly vendor-neutral hardware-based archives appear flexible at first glance, but require specific product types or components. This means that if, for example, a hard drive needs to be replaced, organizations are still dependent on the original vendor for replacement. This undermines the fundamental value of a truly vendor-neutral system: independence and control over your own archive solution.

Vendor-neutral archiving with FAST LTA’s Silent Cubes

Against this background, FAST LTA’s Silent Cube system stands out as true vendor-neutral archive storage. With Silent Cubes have given organizations the freedom to manage their archive storage without restrictions, vendor-neutral.

Benefits of Silent Cube:

  • Complete control: Users have complete control over their data, with the ability to freely move data to and from other systems.
  • No hidden costs: There are no prohibitively expensive licenses or hidden costs for switching to or from the system. This makes Silent Cube a cost-effective long-term solution.
  • Hardware flexibility: Unlike systems that require specific hardware components, Silent Cube offers flexibility. This ensures that organizations are not locked into certain product types or vendors for maintenance and enhancements.
  • Durability and reliability: Designed for long-term archiving, Silent Cube offers a durable and reliable solution. Guaranteed data guarantee with no chance of (un)conscious changes or loss. In addition, the system is certified for AVG-compliant archiving.

FAST LTA’s Silent Cube system embodies the true essence of vendor neutrality, freeing organizations to manage their data in a way that best suits their needs, without restrictions or hidden costs. For organizations looking for a truly vendor-neutral solution, the Silent Cube system provides the perfect solution. Inquire today about the possibilities of the Silent Cube system to complement your current IT infrastructure.

Silent Bricks & Silent Cubes: Reliable data guarantee

With FAST LTA’s flexible Silent Brick and Silent Cube systems, you can better ensure your company’s data security. Secure, scalable, reliable and affordable! With already 3000+ satisfied customers, 200+ Petabytes of safely stored data and 0 bit data loss, these systems are proven effective!

Enjoy secure, complete data backup with the flexible Silent Brick system that fits your organization’s needs seamlessly.

With the highly secure Silent Cube system, you guarantee long-term, compliant archiving without any data loss.

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