Archiving and data security in healthcare

Hospitals rely on FAST LTA!

FAST LTA has been represented in hundreds of healthcare facilities with the Silent Cubes for more than 15 years. Secure archiving on the dedicated storage system is considered exceptionally secure and reliable – at predictably low cost. In addition, FAST LTA also offers the Silent Bricks: a storage system that covers all aspects of modern data security. In light of the increasing threat of cyber attacks, the Silent Bricks system scores with tremendous flexibility and the integration of various immutability technologies, including Air Gap.

Secure archiving at the Sana Klinikum Offenbach

The Sana Klinikum Offenbach introduced the PACS IMPAX from Dedalus (formerly Agfa HealthCare) back in 2001. An upgrade to IMPAX EE was implemented in the fall of 2015. In this context, secure long-term archiving was also considered: cumbersome tape backup was replaced by Silent Cubes. The system has been continuously expanded over the years. As part of the capacity expansion, the Silent Cubes were recently migrated to modern Silent Cube DS. The internal migration process took place entirely in the background and did not affect ongoing operations – entirely within the certified storage environment.

Secure backups at the Clinique de La Source

In hospitals, a cyber attack that disrupts much of the IT can cost lives in the worst case scenario. Therefore, special measures must be taken to protect data. Data backup, which must be resistant to ransomware, is central to this. Therefore, the renowned Swiss Clinique de La Source also chose the Silent Brick system to protect backup data from the effects of an attack. With flexible expansion options and physically removable Silent Bricks, this ensures secure storage of backups on Silent Bricks.

Silent Bricks

With the Silent Brick system, you are equipped for all backup requirements. In one system, with one supplier and one maintenance contract.

The Silent Brick System is the flexible storage solution for complete data protection. Consisting of modern, High Performance Storage Hardware and offline-ready mobile Storage Containers. Its high integrated security makes it especially suitable for Backup and Archiving.

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