Be aware of vulnerabilities in your software

Amnesia:33 is the name of Forescout’s research result, on vulnerabilities in widely used Open Source software. Seven products commonly used in network connectivity and communications between devices were examined; four software packages contained a combined 33 vulnerabilities. Read: holes through which hackers can penetrate.

Open Source

And this is troubling because these software packages are Open Source and widely used in all kinds of networking equipment. Not only the router or printer, but also surveillance cameras, smartphones and even the vacuum cleaner robot thus become a fairly easy target for hackers. All of these devices operate using the TCP/IP protocol. One advantage is that vulnerabilities in Open Source software are usually fixed quickly, but either way it is good to be aware of these issues. Added to this is the fact that many users do not update their software regularly and thus miss these fixes. For a company or organization, this can have far-reaching consequences.

It happens to the best

A prominent example is the remarkable story of the hole in Solarwinds’ software. Remarkable, because Solarwinds, nota bene, produces security software, the very thing that is supposed to protect against hackers and outside attacks. Just to point out that a lot of software has vulnerabilities. We surround ourselves with more and more “intelligent” devices and consider it normal and use it daily. Awareness that vulnerabilities exist is by no means superfluous.

Be aware!

There is no guarantee that an organization will never be attacked by hackers. You can hardly protect yourself from an attack, but you can protect yourself from its consequences. And the more devices we have that are connected to the Internet, the more difficult that protection becomes. Therefore, it is good to think about the consequences and how to protect against them. Secure data storage is an important part of this, and we know a lot about it.

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