Check out the Silent Bricks at the IBC!

The RAI in Amsterdam will be the stage for the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) from September 13 to 18. FAST LTA, the German manufacturer of Silent Bricks, is present at IBC, and for good reason. The television world often still uses LTO tapes for data storage. These tapes have a large capacity and thus can store a lot of footage. But there are also quite a few drawbacks to its use. Disadvantages the Silent Bricks don’t have.

Silent Bricks vs. LTO tapes

LTO tapes indeed have a large storage capacity and are well transportable. Not insignificant. But security in all respects leaves quite a bit to be desired, and working with these tapes is much more cumbersome and time-consuming compared to Silent Bricks. If you want to find data, you have to rewind before back-and-forth, as is the case with tapes. Silent Bricks, on the other hand, have high redundancy and random access. In practice, Silent Bricks therefore work much faster than LTO tapes.

From OB-vans

The broadcasting industry needs proper storage of footage, pure archiving in other words. In addition, the industry needs storage for immediate playback. An example. For sports broadcasts, previews often use archival footage and additional information. But a broadcast from location – think Tour de France – usually cannot use a high-speed Internet connection. From so-called OB-vans, the broadcast is provided. The German public broadcaster has Silent Bricks in these vans, full of archive footage, so they can also broadcast archive footage directly from the OB vans.

Booth at the IBC

Silent Bricks are also being used for many other applications in television and users are seeing the many benefits. Reason enough for producer FAST LTA to be present at the IBC. FAST LTA’s booth can be found in Hall 7, Booth D21. Looking forward to seeing you!

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