How to keep data in your own ‘file folder’!

Using Silent Bricks with multiple users allows data to be kept separate from other data. Not even convenient for privacy reasons, but mostly good for handling. An example: in the case of a project with film, sooner or later there comes a time when the project stops for a while because a producer or director has to give a review. Costly time in terms of storage, mostly online and accessible. With Silent Bricks, you don’t have to. If the project has a two-week wait, you can simply remove the Silent Bricks from the docking station and continue using the storage with other bricks.

Keeping data physically separate

This also plays out, for example, in the construction of large industrial machines. Anything done on a project basis and kept in separate folders, you can also – or better – keep on separate bricks. This is how you keep the data physically separated from each other. You can even vault the brick with specific data. Or replicate a project to another location. By working file-oriented, you are more flexible and more importantly, cheaper. After all, you don’t need constant online storage with the necessary costs. Plus you keep your whole system faster and leaner.

Back up faster!

Separation of data can also be important. Suppose you have a company that builds ships. You don’t then want your data to be in the same location as your competitor’s. It’s really about the physical separation, making one project transportable and interchangeable. The second major benefit of this method is faster backup. By working in separate files, read Silent Bricks, you significantly reduce the amount of data for backup. Moreover, in the system with Silent Bricks, unchanged data is not included in a new backup.

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