Data is the new gold. Treat it as such, too!

There are a lot of people working in IT today, with 1001 different positions. The cool thing – at least, we think so – is that in the end, it’s all about data. Data that harbors information. After all, IT stands for Information Technology, and that, of course, is for good reason. We all often lose sight of the fact that data is at the heart of all our work.

Data is the core

We frequently talk about ransomware in our blogs. The encryption of data by hackers causes businesses and organizations to go completely down. Expensive hardware and cloud solutions notwithstanding: without their data, they don’t start anything at all. Just as often we talk about storing data safely and properly, the difference between backup and archive and what you can possibly store in the cloud and what you’d rather not. At the heart of any system is the information in our digital data. A network is not an end in itself; the point of a good network is to provide access to information. Always that is what our work is about.

Be economical with your data!

Data is at the heart of our work in IT. Call it “the new gold. Essential to our work is keeping that data valid and accessible. We may well cherish data a little and treat it well. And in our world of wonderful software, super-fast connections and high-performance apps, we should never forget that’s really what it’s all about. So we keep saying it: be careful with your data. Ensure proper storage, backup and archiving. That is not a closing item on the budget, but actually where it starts.

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