Lots of data? Think Silent Bricks!

Many companies in various industries deal with film footage. Companies in security, for example. Images taken by security cameras must be retained for a certain amount of time. This means a large amount of data, which you need to organize well, for example in time slots. That’s fine with Silent Bricks: they are fast enough for (almost) all applications, depending on how you format them. We talked about that in our previous blog.

Only the benefits

The choice of formatting affects the method of writing. Linear, implying that you cannot “accidentally” delete data. You can, however, erase the entire Silent Brick at once and reformat it if desired. Compare it to storage on a tape, only search is much easier on a Silent Brick. Using a Silent Brick always offers the advantages of a system, but not the disadvantages. A security system with a larger installation and multiple locations and central management, you can equip them all with their own Brick Recorder and keep it at the central point. Sounds simple, and it is.

Government, television, film

Other companies and organizations with a lot of data, which can benefit greatly from this method of storage, include government agencies and production companies in television. Consider also film: there is still a lot of work being done there today with sensitive LTO tapes containing copies. You can replace that entire process, right down to the cutting room, with Silent Bricks in the lead. Much faster than tape and what’s more, they automatically create a replica. An additional advantage is that large amounts of data can be physically transported if necessary.

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