That’s how you can reduce your backup!

Many organizations know the problem: a huge amount of data, which must be backed up daily. In some cases, that quantity is so large that backing up takes longer than 24 hours. A problem is born and, in fact, it is already so if the backup takes longer than 12 hours, because backup is done while people are still working with the data. The solution is simple: make sure you have to back up less. However simple, many companies and organization do not realize this.

Unchanged dates

About 70 to 98 percent of the data on a file server, are static data that therefore do not change. For example, Word documents several years old. Invoices. Presentations. Old files that are backed up every day. There, very simply, the profits are there for the taking. By not backing up older data every day, you can work much faster. The quantity is always growing, which is one of the reasons why it is smart to check what data has been changed. If not changed, data can be stored in the archive store, which is not included in the daily backup. This way you can save time, as well as license fees for your software.

Flexibility requested!

In this context, the nice thing about Silent Bricks is flexibility. If at any time you do need more storage space for backup, Silent Bricks can easily accommodate that. If data are really severely outdated and may be deleted, simply unlock the Silent Brick and you can reformat it to use the way you want.

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