Ransomware: do you pay ransom or not?

This is the title of our webinar during the online congress Overheid360, where FAST LTA and COMEX together with our partner GouwIT on Tuesday, Oct. 12 at 10:15 a.m. explore the question, whether you can limit the damage caused by a ransomware attack or perhaps eliminate it altogether. And we can already reveal that through smart infrastructures, such as air-gapped Silent Bricks, there are certainly opportunities. Register now here and see from the practical examples of GouwIT and the municipality of Vaals how others are doing it. If you are not yet registered for Overheid360 you can register for free via this link.

Make an appointment

You can also make an appointment at our virtual booth to discuss with us, how Silent Bricks can help you protect your data from malware and optimize your archive storage.
During our roundtable discussion “How to ensure that not a single bit is ever lost” on Wednesday, Oct. 13, we will discuss methods to reliably preserve digital archives over long periods of time. Please notify our team if you would like to receive an invitation to this roundtable discussion.

Government 360

COMEX and FAST LTA will be exhibitors at our country’s largest government conference for the first time during this edition of Overheid360. We are pleased to share our digital booth with our good relationship GouwIT.

GouwIT is a software specialist in the field of municipal taxation, basic registrations and case-oriented working. They also take care of numerous municipalities in terms of hosting. FAST LTA with its product the Silent Brick provides an extremely secure air-gapped backup solution for this software from GouwIT. This way, GouwIT is assured that their backups are and remain available anytime, anywhere, and you are assured that not a bit of your data will ever be lost.

We would love to welcome you to our booth or one of our sessions on Tuesday Oct. 12, Wednesday Oct. 13 or Thursday Oct. 14 to tell you more about what the Silent Bricks can do for you.


This year’s Overheid360 will take place on Tuesday Oct. 12, Wednesday Oct. 13 and Thursday Oct. 14 and will focus on the impact on society of a digital government. Despite the watered-down corona measures, Overheid360 will continue to be a digital congress this year. To participate, you can register for free, through an online portal you can then register for key-note speakers, break-out sessions, speed dates, demos and interesting round table discussions.

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