So can this: a System Rescue Brick

Very common: a USB stick or even CD labeled “System Rescue. Do you remember them? These devices had a small Linux system that you could plug into a computer. After rebooting, you then had an emergency system that allowed you to control certain basic things in the system, right down to virus detection. But a USB stick or CD is rather limited, and you can only repair one computer at a time. But still: it’s a way to save your system.

Save the entire IT environment!

But the principle is fine and you could also do it well on a larger scale from a Silent Brick. Because a fast Silent Brick with flash disks like System Rescue Brick can hold the twenty most important virtual machines just fine. Good save in case a system goes completely flat! This Silent Brick allows you to mount the system and boot a rescue environment from there. A Silent Brick obviously fits much more information than a USB stick, and so you can use this System Rescue Brick for an entire IT environment rather than for an individual PC. The bricks are fast enough to boot up multiple servers simultaneously and set up an emergency infrastructure.


For IT companies, one idea is to offer this as a service. Nice to be able to help companies or organizations that have server problems in this way. For IT accident first aid, at least this way you can move on quickly.

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