Backup and the hole in the sky

In our previous blog, we discussed the combination of different types of backup: on tape and hard drive. The advantages of these methods are united in SilentBricks, which also exclude the disadvantages. The SilentBricks can be deployed as disk backup and tape backup as well as a combination. Most beneficial is the ability to create a disk backup and produce a replica with the internal application. In that case, there is no more traditional tape backup, but rather a media rotation and a replicated system, which is kept off-site and can be used to do a quick disaster recovery.


Regular readers of our blog will know: it’s a good idea to make a backup or archive transportable, so you can keep it (or a replica) in another location. In the event of a major crash, it is necessary to have this backup back in its original location in order to restore. With the SilentBricks, this can be done very quickly: a matter of putting them in the car and physically transferring them. In this way, the airgap, the “hole in the sky,” is quickly and easily bridged. More importantly, your business or organization is back up and running quickly thanks to the simple deployment of this backup.

Other systems

Other systems clearly have more (or longer) trouble with this. Backing up in the cloud means days of downloading. And with tape backup, you can’t do instant recovery of the virtual machines. These solutions are much slower and the lost time often proves to be very costly.

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